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The importance of human thinking

Homo Eminens, the organizers of an innovative conference promoting human thinking asked us to come up with an idea that would show the uniqueness behind every human-being, but at the same time would stress the importance of dialogue. Thinking about the attributes of natural individuality and interaction we came up with a new brand tagline, a logo, a website and a newsletter campaign that aligns with the core idea of the H Matters conference.


Seven characters united by the passion for freedom

Motorcycling has always been a passionate lifestyle and for the past 90 years BMW Motorrad has been the brand that spreads that passion like no other. The official representative of BMW in Lithuania “Krasta Auto” asked us to create a web experience that would fulfill the freedom spirit and attract customers of different characters, united by the passion for adventure.


Speaking the language of tribal Borneo

One of the oldest and best known tattoo studios in Lithuania Angis Tattoo asked us to work on a brand that would represent their traditional, tribal approach to the art of tattooing. After dancing with snakes around fire in Borneo, the place where tribal tattooing originated from, we've established a new brandmark for an opinion leader when it comes to tattoos.

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App UX design, concept development

Upping the game in the banking experience

With the rise of mobile device usage, a lot of services have been migrating to the mobile platform. Personal banking is no exception, so to up the personal banking game, DNB Bank ASA, the largest bank of Norway, challenged us to create a concept for their banking experience on mobile, with emphasis on smarter and easier money management and helping the user make smarter financial decisions.


A new kind of virtual experience for real estate

Visda builds cutting-edge technology for real estate developers that is second to none. It's a product that helps people experience real-like in-house visits, even to buildings which haven't been built yet. We were responsible for the strategy of Visda as a product and as a brand, developed the product architecture, future-proof branding, pitch-deck narrative, product concepts and developed all the web resources. Using architectural plans, we have also recreated realistic in-house environments for VR.


Can a document extend the professional experience?

We were asked to design a print document that would be so solid, that the biggest leading business people would showcase it with pride. Extending the experience of Enterprise Lithuania onto the wall.


Online presence of premium beauty services

House of Beauty, a boutique beauty house, asked us to establish a web presence for them, which could clearly convey their premium beauty services and attention to quality. We drew inspiration from their unique interior and built upon that an easy to use, boutique like online experience.


Traditional gets a modern update

A company working in the traditional craft industry needed a new modern look to inspire and attract the millennial audience. After a thorough market research, we developed a full-fledged marketing strategy. To execute the strategy we created branded design for the stationery, cars, clothing, shop exteriors, prints and developed a website.


Interactive real estate experience with innovative management tools

Senamiescio terasos - a premium real estate project in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. We designed and developed a beautiful interactive tool that makes apartment search easy and enjoyable. We also created an easy to use tool for the realtors to manage sales of the building units.


Telling a sugarless story

What makes us do sports and live a healthy lifestyle? Sitting at home and watching TV shows certainly isn't. With Be Cukraus (eng. Without Sugar) we had to improvize to better deliver the message. We were responsible for the development of a new brand and the creative direction of the content (video, animation, social). Together with our partners, we invited one of the top personal trainers to lead a free group training in one of the most popular public spaces in Vilnius. To better reach our target audiences, we asked influencers to participate and talk about the event.

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