Gourmet foods & culture experts.

When gourmet culture expands into gourmet digital.

The world of flavors and scents told in digital.

Gourmet World is a company that has 25 years of experience in gourmet foods & culture. The gourmet scene knew them well, but only as a distributor. Our goal for Gourmet World was not to change the image of the brand, but to expand on the values and core ideas of the company.

It took us a few weeks to come down from the high we experienced while tasting different kinds of cheese, feeling each flavor of gourmet meat and even appreciating premium vegan products. Even the aftertaste left us speechless. We wanted to transform those stories of flavor, scent and aesthetics into something you could feel through the screen of your digital device.

We delivered a completely new branding, content strategy, creative direction, UX design, visual design and web development.