We are a powerful combination of logic and magic.

Our agency

Monotwo is an independent design + digital agency, that operates in an open culture of innovation. Holding balance between data, creativity, and execution allows us to work smart and use the advantages of new developments. Across mediums, we do insight-based advertising that drives real business results.

While crafting inspiring digital experiences we not only think from a technical standpoint, but we always stress the importance of emotion in our design: what feelings are triggered, what senses are being engaged? We work closely with you all the way till the end and beyond. At monotwo we always walk an extra mile.

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Our process

Every new project begins with us getting to know you. It's critical that we establish a written brief at this point. Once we have that and everyone's happy, we agree on timelines and deliverables. Then starts the research. At this stage we ask all kinds of questions and consider the stage of your business and how it aligns with your business purpose. When we know exactly where we are and where we going, then we dig into the market, competition and ask more questions.

Based on the answers, we develop our insight about potential strategic routes. Once we agree on the strategy, we begin work on creative direction and offer you our carefully handpicked ideas. Once the best ones are chosen, we move to execution. Being digital natives, we choose the best mediums to use during the most significant moments. With our roots deep in aesthetics, we execute in a unique, elegant and user-friendly way that engages and connects your brand with customers.

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Our culture


We tell your brand story as Tolken told us The Lord of The Rings. It's not a book, it's a saga.


We believe in honest, optimistic & positive collaboration within our team and with our clients.


While being influenced by design and creative thinking, we maintain a sharp sense for business.


When a client brings us an opportunity, we are inspired to seize it.

Embracers of

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy on building the new. Change is progress.


Execution is crucial. Not too many dedicate themselves as promised. We do.

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